About Suriname Diaspora Solidarity Belgium vzw

Sudisobe is an intercultural non-profit organization with people from different backgrounds who go together for one purpose.

Sudisobe vzw is a competent organization founded by Surinamese Dutch people who immigrated to Belgium with the idea of ​​bringing an intercultural group of people together in Antwerp in order to contribute to fighting poverty in the neighborhood through cohesion and neighborhood participation .

We are convinced that all 177 nationalities in our city have enormous potential to enrich the environment for all people living in this country.
Unfortunately, this cultural wealth remains largely unknown to most residents.

Sudisobe vzw wants to offer an answer to this and wants to bring people closer together, regardless of their skin color, origin, religion, philosophy of life, political conviction, sexual orientation. We want individuals and communities to get to know each other, to enter into dialogue and to exchange experiences.

In addition, Sudisobe vzw is concerned because of the current global state of affairs, with quick money gain always taking precedence over the social and economic balance and the conservation of nature reserves. Here too we want to help build a different model where fair trade and respect for people and nature are central.